extraordinary yearly meeting (online) 28.10.2020

Hey people of Cottontails!

We are inviting our members to attend an online extraordinary yearly meeting where we will choose a new board for Cottontails on Wednesday the 28th of October at 19:00. We already have a new board ready to be made official, so we hope that you can join us in this meeting to make it so. If you payed a membership fee last semester, you’re welcome to vote in this meeting. All you have to do to join the meeting is join our video call by going to https://meet.jit.si/cottontailsmeet in your browser.

Alternatively there is an app “Jitsi Meet” on both Google Play and the App Store you can use on your phone. Once you get that, you can join the “cottontailsmeet” room. (we’re trying out this platform because it’s free, unlimited and doesn’t require account)

We hope to see you in the meeting room.Best wishes form The Cottontails (soon to be) Board

About the lost courses 2020


Dear members of the Cottontails! 

As you might have noticed us in the Cottontails board have been busy figuring out how to run the club and staying connected in our dancing community under this pandemic we’re now facing. We’re all very sad that our last semester got interrupted so abruptly by covid-19, and as a volunteer organisation we are dependent on our members to be able to stay floating. We know that none of our members got what they paid for in terms of dancing classes, which means we will refund the lost classes. We humbly ask you to consider not to ask for a refund, but rather accept a free semester of classes when we are able to start normal dancing classes again. Nevertheless this time can be economical challenging for many, and therefore we also understand if you ask for a refund for the lost classes. If you wish to get a refund we ask you to send us an email or a massage on Facebook and we will give you back the money worth for the classes that got canceled.

When in comes to this fall we won’t have any regular classes, but we hope to open up for self practice as soon as we can. We have to follow the guidelines and restrictions that we have been given about covid, which means that everyone needs to stay at least one meter apart at all times – which means only solo dancing for now, washing hands before entering the room and stay home when feeling sick or having symptoms of covid-19. Also we will register every member that is present each time and ask that you sign up beforehand (we will give further information about this) to make sure we are not too many people at the venue at once. More information about how we plan to stay connected through the dance we all love are soon to come, whenever the situation allows us to start up slowly again! 

But for now, you all better stay healthy and keep dancing at home! 
We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Best regards
The Cottontails Board



Many of you might be wondering if there’s a class tonight: Because of the corona virus and the new recommendations that we avoid body contact, the Cottontails board (together with the dance instructors) have decided to cancel the classes (both Lindy hop and Balboa), social dance and own practice until further notice.

We have simply followed the advice from above, and also been checking in with other dance organisations, to see how they are dealing with the situation. Even though we are a small club, this is for the best.

We will however try to compensate the loss in the best way we can: the members of Lindy 1 will receive a video tonight of stuff you can practice on your own at home!

This strange situation really sucks for us all, but we have to make the best of it, and make sure nobody gets sick! Let’s make these days a good reminder to always appreciate and love our body when we’re healthy and can move freely! 🙂
Take good care until we’re all back on the dance floor!

/ The Cottontails Board & Teachers

Missed out, or still not sure?

Did you miss the beginning of the course in Lindy or Balboa?

Don’t worry, you can always pay a drop-in price of 150kr for single classes! Either Vipps (#94745) us or pay into our account ( 1503.10.35667). If you have gone to the two first free classes, but still aren’t quite sure if the dance style is for you, you can pay a drop in price now and then take it off the coursemembership next week when you (obviously!) decide you want to dance with us!

Great, right?

So see you on the dancefloor tonight!

Taster coming up: Slow Bal 5.3.2020!

It’s taster-time again at The Cottontails!

We’re so hyped to announce this taster in Slow Bal coming up in the beginning of March! Important: you don’t have to know any Balboa to attend this taster, come as you are and tell your friends! This class will definitely also boost your feel for connection in Lindy Hop, so we’re encouraging all members to attend!

Place: Danckert Krohn
Time: 20:00-21:00

Slow Bal, short for Slow Balboa, is a swing dance with similarities to
Balboa, but danced to much slower music, which gives it a unique dance flow. The dance is said to be just as old as Balboa, but it is also still being developed. The basic steps and shapes are derived from the old timers, but a new generation of slow bal dancers have been inspired to create new shapes and figures.

A clip to get into the mood:


This taster is an open event, so anyone is welcome to join! If you’re a member of the Cottontails (also a non-class member) you get in for free. If you’re not a member but still want to join, this taster will cost you 75 kr. This can be vippsed (#94745) to us when you attend, or paid into our bank account: 1503.10.35667.

See ya there!

Courses starting 5.2.2020!

We hope you are ready for season start of our newbeginners’ courses in Lindy Hop and Balboa, every Wednesday and Thursday in the heart of Bergen!

Lindy Hop is starting Wednesday 5.2 at 18:30-20:00 in Asylbarnehagen

After Lindy Hop we have social dance from 20:00-22:00, every Wednesday. Newbeginners and more experienced dancers are all welcome to join!

Balboa is starting Thursday 6.2 at 18:30-20:00 at Danckert Krohn

After Balboa we’ll have own practice at Danckert Krohn, and sometimes also concept classes, where every member of the club are welcome to join! (You can also buy drop in)

NEW FOR THIS SEMESTER: sign up as a couple and both of you get a 200kr discount! A couple = one dancing lead and one follow. So grab a friend or your partner and come join us!

ALSO: 2 first weeks are for free, so just come check it out if you are unsure!

Blues taster Thursday 21.11 at 20-21:00!

Next up in this semesters taster session – blues dancing!

What is blues dancing you ask? Blues dancing is one of the African rooted dance styles that has a strong influence on todays swing dancing community.

Bluesdancing is often associated with beeing slow, sensual, and emotionally intense. Yet, as with blues music, a blues dance may range across many tempos and musical styles.

Blues is not only handy to know for rounding of an all-night dance party, but the playfullness and musicality in blues dancing can also greatly improve your imporovisation skills in Lindy Hop.

Check out some beautiful blues dancing here:


See you at Asylbarnehagen!

Socialdance every Thursday

Hey there,

Remember that we still have social dance every Thursday at 20:00 in Asylbarnehagen! You can pay our drop in price (50kr) or you can go ahead and get yourself a membership. Being a member of the Cottontails you are welcome to join any socialdances, happenings, workshops and tasters for free!

Speaking of tasters:

We have a fantastic taster in Jive coming up October 24th from 20-21:00 in Asylbarnehagen ! Make sure not to miss it. 🙂

Best, the Cottontails Board

New courses starting soon!

Hey hop new and old members! Don’t forget to sign up for this autumn’s classes! We are offering new beginner courses in both Lindy hop and Balboa! Two quite different, but equally awesome swing dance styles! What are you waiting for? Come join us on the dancefloor now!

Shim sham crash course & social dance this Saturday at 20:00 9.3

We are throwing a crash course in Shim sham this Saturday at 20:00! You don’t wanna miss out on learning the solo jazz routine that so many lindy hoppers all over the world know. The shim sham is also a part of the routine we will perform on Dansens Dag in the spring, so this is a great opportunity to freshen up your steps, even if you might already be familiar with the dance. 

Also, we’re of course taking social dance for a night out in town!
Bring your best mood and nicest shoes and come join us at Speilsalen in Kvarteret Saturday night! We promise music for both Lindy hop and Balboa dancers from 21:00-02:00. Anybody else with restless feet are also most welcome!

See you on the dancefloor!