extraordinary yearly meeting (online) 28.10.2020

Hey people of Cottontails!

We are inviting our members to attend an online extraordinary yearly meeting where we will choose a new board for Cottontails on Wednesday the 28th of October at 19:00. We already have a new board ready to be made official, so we hope that you can join us in this meeting to make it so. If you payed a membership fee last semester, you’re welcome to vote in this meeting. All you have to do to join the meeting is join our video call by going to https://meet.jit.si/cottontailsmeet in your browser.

Alternatively there is an app “Jitsi Meet” on both Google Play and the App Store you can use on your phone. Once you get that, you can join the “cottontailsmeet” room. (we’re trying out this platform because it’s free, unlimited and doesn’t require account)

We hope to see you in the meeting room.Best wishes form The Cottontails (soon to be) Board

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