• 26-27 February 2020 – NO DANCING!

      Hey dear dancers!

      Remember that there’s winter holiday this week and no lessons, socialdance and egentrening. It sucks, we know! 🥶 But work on those tripplesteps at home (some good videos were posted here earlier of stuff you can practice on by yourselves!), and see you all next week on the dancefloor!!

    • Missed out, or still not sure?

      Did you miss the beginning of the course in Lindy or Balboa?

      Don’t worry, you can always pay a drop-in price of 150kr for single classes! Either Vipps (#94745) us or pay into our account ( 1503.10.35667). If you have gone to the two first free classes, but still aren’t quite sure if the dance style is for you, you can pay a drop in price now and then take it off the coursemembership next week when you (obviously!) decide you want to dance with us!

      Great, right?

      So see you on the dancefloor tonight!

Om oss

The Cottontails er en danseklubb i Bergen som driver med amerikanske jazzdanser fra første halvdel av 1900-tallet, som Lindy Hop, Balboa og Charleston. Vi holder kurs og sosialdans ukentlig, samt helgekurs og fester.

Vårt hovedfokus er på sosialdans, og rett og slett å ha det gøy når man danser