• Blues taster Thursday 21.11 at 20-21:00!

      Next up in this semesters taster session – blues dancing!

      What is blues dancing you ask? Blues dancing is one of the African rooted dance styles that has a strong influence on todays swing dancing community.

      Bluesdancing is often associated with beeing slow, sensual, and emotionally intense. Yet, as with blues music, a blues dance may range across many tempos and musical styles.

      Blues is not only handy to know for rounding of an all-night dance party, but the playfullness and musicality in blues dancing can also greatly improve your imporovisation skills in Lindy Hop.

      Check out some beautiful blues dancing here:


      See you at Asylbarnehagen!

    • Socialdance every Thursday

      Hey there,

      Remember that we still have social dance every Thursday at 20:00 in Asylbarnehagen! You can pay our drop in price (50kr) or you can go ahead and get yourself a membership. Being a member of the Cottontails you are welcome to join any socialdances, happenings, workshops and tasters for free!

      Speaking of tasters:

      We have a fantastic taster in Jive coming up October 24th from 20-21:00 in Asylbarnehagen ! Make sure not to miss it. 🙂

      Best, the Cottontails Board

Om oss

The Cottontails er en danseklubb i Bergen som driver med amerikanske jazzdanser fra første halvdel av 1900-tallet, som Lindy Hop, Balboa og Charleston. Vi holder kurs og sosialdans ukentlig, samt helgekurs og fester.

Vårt hovedfokus er på sosialdans, og rett og slett å ha det gøy når man danser