• New Classes in 2023 Spring

      Come and learn the most happiest Swing dances with us! 🕺💃 We are starting Lindy Hop, Balboa and Solo Jazz/Charleston/Blues dance courses for both complete beginners and upper levels.  

      👉 Couple Courses (You don’t need to register with a partner, we will balance the number of leaders and followers):
      1️⃣Balboa 1(Beginner):  8 weeks of new beginner course to learn the basics of balboa dance . Balboa is the most elegant style of swing dance family – as elegant as tango and as upbeat as Lindy Hop. If you want to enjoy any fast swing music without too much effort, this dance is just for you. Every Wednesday between 18.30 and 19.45, starting from January, 25th @Gnisten Laksevåg . (After each Balboa class, you will also have additional 1 hour of practice/social time specific for Balboa dance. Right after we finish 8 weeks of classes, we are planning a continuation course)
      2️⃣Lindy Hop 1(Beginner): 10 weeks of new beginner course for you who want to learn the basics of Lindy Hop dance. First 6 weeks will be about learning the fundamentals, and during the last 4 weeks we will be working on a choreography which will enable you to use all the moves you learned and also adding new ones!  Every Thursday between 19.30 and 20:30 starting fromFebruary, 9th@Danckert Krohn Center
      3️⃣Lindy Hop 2 (Intermediate): 10 weeks of continuation course from the last semester. If you have some  experience , know the basics and can do swing out, it is also for you. First 6 weeks we will be adding new moves to our vocabulary, and during the last 4 weeks we will be working on a choreography which will enable you to use all the moves you learned while adding new ones! Every Thursday between 18.15 and 19:15 starting fromFebruary, 9th@Danckert Krohn Center

       👉 Solo Courses (No partner needed, you are all by yourself here!):1️⃣Solo Jazz/Charleston (Open level):  10 weeks of Solo Jazz for you who want to learn thoroughly the basics of classic Charleston dance and vernacular jazz and may be have had some previous experience with us or another dance club. We will learn and practice at least 2 dance routines that we eventually plan to perform at different social events: “Yes, Sir, thats my baby”, “Pennies from heaven” 🌦️☂️🎶 (+ Jitterbug Stroll). Every Tuesday between18:15 and 19:15 starting fromJanuary, 24th@Ulriken Bydelssenter 

      2️⃣ Solo Blues course (Open level): 8 weeks of blues course. We learn at least 2 dance routines that we later plan to perform at different social arrangements: “Let’s do it” (3-4 weeks), “Three little  monkeys” (4-5 weeks).  Every Tuesday between 19:30 and 20:30 starting from January, 24th @Ulriken Bydelssenter

      💥 First week classes are free: Come and try these beautiful dances yourself.
      👉 Semester fee:
      1 course (one dance style, per person): 900 Kr
      2 courses (two dance styles, per person): 1100 Kr
      3 courses (three dance styles, per person): 1300 Kr

      ⚠️ We offer a 20% discount per person, for students or for those who register as a couple for couple courses. (Maximum total discount is 20%).⚠️ Course registration includes the semester membership fee which lets you benefit from the membership advantages freely; discounts for the live music parties (Klub Kavaler), workshops, events. (👉Membership fee is normally 100 kr per person📌 Drop in fee: 150 kr per lesson)

      💰🗓️ For couple dance courses, to make sure that we have enough applicants with the balance of the leaders and followers, we first collect the applications with this form. After we have enough applications for the  related course, we will confirm your registration. For solo dance courses, we don’t send confirmations. If you don’t hear from us, you are definitely enrolled and we look forward to seeing you in the studio. 
      Course fees can be paid; 
      -by a direct bank transfer to the account 1503.10.35667
      -by Vipps: 94745, Cottontails Danseklubb-by cash or card  in the first week of each course  (please let us know with an email) All payments need to be completed before the 2nd week of each course. Please, have a PrtScr of payment available for control at the 2nd week of each course. 

      💥Every Thursday , we generally have practice/social time between 20.30 till 22.00, you can practice what you learned and meet other dancers. We are also planning additional workshops for Blues, Shag and Lindy Hop!

      *Cottontails is a dance club dedicated to the dances of the Swing era: Lindy Hop, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Charleston, Blues and Shag.

      The Cottontails

    • Shag Dance Workshop

      Let’s learn the Shag dance together!Yeah, you heard this correctly! We are organizing an awesome week with teachers from Barcelona again! 5 hours of memorable shag classes, where you will be able to sweat, lose weight and have tons of fun! 

      This workshop is planned for the second week of September and will be an open level with super fun moves, so you are welcome to join and test!The days we propose are the following:● Thursday, 8th of September, from 18:30 till 20.00, @Danckert Krohn senior center● Friday, 9th of September, from 19:00 till 20.30, @ Ny-Kronenborg center (Danmarksplass)● Saturday, 10th of September, from 15:00 till 17.00, @ Ny-Kronenborg center (Danmarksplass)● Sunday, 11th of September – open floor and self practice / drills with feedback from the instructor, @ Ulriken bydelssenter (Landås)After these 5 hours and self practice, you will be very well familiarized with the basic notions of shag, a wide range of cool moves and you will be able to actually dance at fast swing music in a social environment! We will also teach you how to “glue” the steps together, no worries, the vocabulary does not come alone! 

      Through this workshop, our goal is to help you master super quick dances as well and enjoy fast songs. So, you will not hide under an umbrella anymore when you hear a fast song, but you will surely wanna dance them all! Besides this, you will laugh and you will have lots of fun!Please let us know if this is an interesting opportunity for you and we will be happy to launch it!

       Workshop fees:

       All around pass: 600 Kr

       For Cottontails members: 500 Kr

       Drop in: 200 Kr/class
      Sunday practice – free of charge 

      Use the follwing link to register and we will contact you.https://forms.gle/VZMjGSbGEq4zcPtn8Check this awesome dance out:

Om oss

The Cottontails er en danseklubb i Bergen som driver med amerikanske jazzdanser fra første halvdel av 1900-tallet, som Lindy Hop, Balboa og Charleston. Vi holder kurs og sosialdans ukentlig, samt helgekurs og fester.

Vårt hovedfokus er på sosialdans, og rett og slett å ha det gøy når man danser